• Wednesday, 24 October 2018

    How to Avoid Common Causes of Road Problems When in England

    Drivers of coach hire Cheshire know for a fact that vehicle accidents are notoriously common throughout England, especially in urban areas and business districts. There are many causes of car accidents in the country but majority of the drivers and car owners only know about the most popular ones, such as driving while under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and violation of traffic rules. However, there are many other vehicle accident causes that the driving public should know about.

    This article will identify the less popular but equally deadly causes of auto accidents in major cities in the country in order to promote safe driving and to possibly curb incidences of traffic accidents.

    Using your cell phone or any other electronic device may seem harmless, but if you do it while you are driving, there is a good chance that you will get caught in an accident. According to studies, texting while driving is equal or even more dangerous than driving intoxicated. One study a drunk driver may take almost five feet before hitting the brake, while a person reading an email and sending a text message may take 36 feet and 70 feet before hitting brake respectively. These pieces of information are staggering as they suggest that any person who is distracted is at great risk of getting involved in a major car crash.

    When a person is distracted on using his electronic device while driving, his or her attention on the road is dramatically reduced, which make him or her susceptible to committing major driving errors. For example, a distracted driver may miss the stop sign, or line marking, or even a pedestrian crossing. This only proves how serious the consequences of using your mobile phone or tablet while driving. If you really need to use your electronic device, you may want to ask your companion to do it for you or to momentarily stop at a safe spot on the road.

    Sleepy drivers can be a threat to others on the road because they are more likely to commit driving errors that could lead to major traffic accidents. These drivers are less attentive, have slower reaction time, and have poorer ability to assess the traffic situation and to make logical decisions compared to non-sleepy drivers. More serious problems are associated with drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel as they can get involved in a crash in a matter of few seconds.

    Drowsy driving is definitely dangerous so it is a must among drivers to avoid operating their vehicle if they are extremely sleepy and/or feeling fatigued. If you are driving and suddenly feel the urge to take a nap, do not gamble it. Instead, stop at a safe area on the road where you can take a quick nap to reenergize your mind and body. If you are going on a long drive, make sure that you had enough good sleep or rest prior to your trip in order to avoid feeling sleepy while behind the wheel.

    You may not consider daydreaming as a cause of car accidents in England, but the truth is, it can certainly be. Drivers who daydream while driving are easily considered distracted drivers as their focus on the road is not one-hundred percent. This means daydreamers are much more likely to commit errors than drivers who keep their attention on the road. Distracted drivers are prone to getting involved in serious car accidents like rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, and even pedestrian accidents.

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