• Wednesday 24 October 2018

    Best of both the worlds: Kolkata and Chennai

    Restaurants, bars and cafes in the popular Park Street

    Park Street is one of the most popular areas in Kolkata. You will find some of the most iconic eateries in this area. This is one place from where you can never return hungry. There are so many options available in this place that every need and taste bud will get satisfied. Here are some of the most popular restaurants, bars and cafes in Park Street. Brace yourselves for a magical experience.

    1. Peter Cat

    This iconic Peter Cat has gained so much of popularity ever since Rahul Gandhi stepped into this restaurant. No single day goes by without the regular queue outside the restaurant. It is known for its popular and delicious Chelo Kebab, which is served with a generous portion of buttered rice and a sunny side up. If you would not like to wait for hours, it is recommended to book a table.

    2. Barbeque Nation

    This is one of the most famous and popular haunts for barbeque lovers around the country. Barbeque Nation is unique for their live-on-the-table grill concept. This is the perfect place to sit comfortably and enjoy the sizzle of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items grilled on your table. Eat the starters when they are still sizzling. You can eat as much as you want. They place a tiny flag on each table and the food keeps coming until you put the flag down.

    3.      Mocambo

    Mocambo was started in 1956. You will find the dominance of European and Italian dishes such as the Chicken Sicilian and the Canneloni. It is the perfect place to arrange a romantic dinner with your partner, or simply a night out with friends.

    Restaurants, bars and cafes in Besant Nagar

    If you are in the Besant Nagar area of Chennai, do not fret. There are numerous options available for you as well. This beachside neighbourhood is a cultural and entertainment hub that is a hub of wonderful restaurants, bars and cafes.

    If you are in the area, be sure to check out the following best restaurants, bars and cafes in Besant Nagar.

    • Eden

    This place is absolutely brilliant to enjoy a tasteful palate that gives you an experience to remember. Eden serves an innovative continental cuisine, which impresses both first-timers as well as veteran customers. This is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty meal with friends or family at an economical rate.

    • Little Italy

    If you are a vegetarian who has a love for Italian cuisine, Little Italy is the perfect option for you. The restaurant has some of the most delectable and delicious Italian dishes that will play with your taste buds. This place is perfect for a quiet date. The vegetarian menu of the restaurant matches with their green d├ęcor.

    • Dindigul Thalappakkati Biryani

    Who can say no to a plate full of delicious Biryani? This restaurant has been pleasing customers for over 60 years with their excellent Dindigul-style biryani. The biryani is made from local lamb and small-grain rice, which is their signature.

    These were some of the most delicious restaurants, bars and cafes in two different locations of India – Kolkata and Chennai. Visit these places for some of the best dishes you will ever taste.

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