• Sunday 26 August 2018

    A New Alternative Treatment in the Fight Against Psoriasis

    Medicinal marijuana has long been lauded as one of the most exciting substances to be researching in the next few years, simply because of the large number of conditions that it can help. We’ve seen how cannabis can help reduce the pain suffered from those who suffer from chronic pain, and even help patients who suffer from really bad epilepsy. Now, attention has turned to skin conditions such as psoriasis, to see if this can be helped with medicinal marijuana.

    Psoriasis is a real pain for those of us who suffer from it. It is characterised with the fast build-up of skin cells on the epidermis of the skin.  Because of this abnormal build-up of skin, there will be a change in the life cycle of these skin cells. Geneticists believe that psoriasis is a skin condition that is passed down the generations.

    The principal symptom associated with psoriasis is large patches of skin, which are often red in color, which are covered with silver like covering of dead skin cells. Sometimes, dry and cracked skin can be seen. Bleeding is also a common problem. Psoriasis sufferers should expect to have other symptoms such as abnormal nails, and inflammation of the joints, which can be sore.

    Psoriasis is a relatively common condition, as experts believe that around 3% of US citizens suffer from it. This causes a lot of expense for patients and health providers alike, so if cannabis can help patients treat psoriasis, then excellent! There is currently no cure for the condition, and the confidence of the sufferer can be markedly affected, especially if the psoriasis occurs on the face.

    How to Use…

    Usually, cannabis is ingested via inhalation or through smoking – and sometimes through edibles. But, for the purposes of psoriasis, experts believe that a topical method of usage could be beneficial. 

    But cannabis for psoriasis can be taken via inhalation and edibles aswell.

    Experts widely believe that psoriasis manifests itself due to problems with the immune system of the sufferer. It is believed that the cannabinoids which are found in cannabis are able to come into contact with the endocannabinoid system of the human body. It is thought that the CB1 & CB2 receptors come into contact with cannabis to produce its effect. These receptors are predominantly found in the brain and CNS, aswell as the immune system.

    Currently, patients suffering from psoriasis have to make use of special immune-modulating treatment methods, which come with a lot of side effects that won’t be experienced when using cannabis as a treatment method. These side effects are high temperatures, bad stomach and liver problems, aswell as making the patient more open to infection. Avoiding these side effects is very important. This is why cannabis can be such an effective treatment method, as it can reduce the symptoms of the skin condition, with little to no side effects. Let’s hope research continues and cannabis treatments can be made available for sufferers of psoriasis.

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