• Tuesday 17 July 2018

    Tips to follow for a successful weight loss surgery

    Based on the inputs of bariatric surgery cost in India, you would have gone on to opt for one. At this point of time you are bound to make some necessary changes in your lifestyle. The instructions of the surgeon have to be followed and this would be all the more better. In order to have successful outcomes from a weight loss surgery you need to follow the below mentioned tips

    Stay away from calories

    After the surgery your calorie intake should be fairly limited. For sure it will help you to lose those extra kilos. Do not work against the surgery by going on to consume liquids. They have no addition in terms of nutrition and they slow down the weight loss process. Do focus on calorie count, by focussing on protein, vegetables and fruits. Just after the surgery you might be asked to opt for protein based drinks. This would mean a strong exception to this rule.

    Keep away from sugar

    You can say that sugar works out to be an empty calorie. It is going to because hunger prangs and does not provide any form of nutritional value in the first place. Do make it a point that you avoid sugar that is as part of your diet.

    Stay away from carbonated drinks at the same time

    The bubbly nature of carbonated drinks is what leads to pain. In fact a lot of pressure on your abdomen is exercised at the same time. This is all the more in the months after the surgery is over.

    Fluids should not be taken before and after the meal

    There is bound to be a small space in your stomach. It is necessary that you preserve this food for quality rich nutritional food. If you drink during the course of having food it will fill your stomach and after a meal can wash off the food. It would make you hungry soon. If it is possible then it would be better to separate it by at least half an hour if you can.

    Follow up visits

    Do stick up to the follow up visits after a surgery is over. Once the surgery is over, you will be under a period of constant observation. If you skip the appointments it means that nutritional deficiencies or any other complications will not be discovered in a timely manner as well. With the help of appointments you can be on track with your goals as well.

    Do not stop any medicines without the prior approval of a surgeon

    With surgery and weight loss a lot of diseases can improve. But in no way points to the fact that you will stop consumption of medicines. You need to discuss with your doctor before you plan to stop any medicines. On the other side of the coin do not pick up any medications without the approval of your surgeon as well.

    By following all the above tips you will ensure a smooth transition for a successful weight loss surgery.

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