• Tuesday, 17 July 2018


    We are living in a world where public relations are very important and they play a vital role in the development and success of an individual person as well as a company or institute. By the growing importance of social sites and networking sites, it’s becoming easier to establish public relations. Public relations are very important for any company to flourish. And since education department deals with students directly and parents indirectly, public relations play a vital role to get good name and admissions. To develop public relations, they have to approach an advertising agency, so that their name is wide spread. For every sector, there will be a particular set of targeted audience. Acting and working on these targeted audience, not only helps to save time and energy but also gives a lot of conversion rates. It is not just lead development, but the conversion that the company has to provide.
    To attain these there are two ways of approach. Approaching an advertising agency or approaching a PR company. Now let’s understand the differences between a PR company and an advertising agency. They both work on the same goal of promoting clients, making them successful. The ways in which they achieve this is very different. A PR company will never purchase any adds normally. They need not write any stories for the reports either. Since they understand the importance of the money their clients are paying they do not try to show the clients that they are important in the market, but they prove others that their clients are important in the market because of the positive traits they show. The work we assign is generally termed as “Project Work”, and they work depending on the type of project. They normally prefer to form an Agency Of Record (AOF) relationship with their clients, because starting a project involves many risks and many kinds of investments, and if AOF is formed, they can work without any sort of tension or pressure. There are many sectors which take help from a PR firm.

    Education sector is gaining vast importance, as parents are more concentrating on child’s education and are trying to provide them quality education. There are two types of educational institutes. They are private institutes and public institutes. As we all know private institutes are operated by normal people and public institutes are operated by government.

    Education PR works in a rather different and peculiar way and it also changes from client to client. Education sector includes many schools, colleges, universities. Public relations are very necessary for them to establish their brand, advertise and increase awareness among the target audience. They can increase their visibility, with the help of a PR firm. The firms that take up these projects are also called as Education PR agency. Now a day’s institutes are providing courses that are either emerging new or a combination of traditional courses with modern outlook, because most of the students are preferring such types of courses, so they can find jobs easily after their course.

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