• Wednesday, 13 June 2018

    Here Is How to Better Your Vocabulary for the GRE Test

    Securing good scores in the GRE test is not going to be a hard nut to crack if you take care of your vocabulary. Building vocabulary is extremely important for getting a good GRE score. And you will be happy to know that there are numerous ways of building good vocabulary in a fun and amusing way. Some of the most popular techniques include the following. Have a look-

    1. The first and most important method is called free writing. So, what you basically do in this method is take a sheet of paper and allow yourself a time period of around 5 minutes. These 5 minutes are going to be extremely important for you because you are going to write everything that comes to your mind on the sheet of paper during this time. The challenge here is to write without taking any pause. So, these 5 minutes are going to be about your thoughts and the piece of paper. Yes, you might make many mistakes but you will not hold back your thoughts just because you don't know a particular spelling or don't know how to express the thoughts lucidly. You do not do any kind of correction during this time. All the corrections need to be done after you have finished writing.
    2. Another amazing way to build your vocabulary is through vigorous reading. Yes, reading is extremely important to enhance your repository of vocabulary knowledge. If you do not read, you will not be able to add new entries to the existing list of words you know. So, the trick is to read anything and everything under the sun including the newspaper piece you have wrapped your fruits in. And it's not just reading but also figuring out what words you don't know that is going to be of help to you. Note down all the words that you haven’t come across before and then look for their meanings in the dictionary.
    3. Another amazing and interesting way to learn new words is through music. Are we kidding? Absolutely not! Listening to music, especially English songs can help you learn a lot of new words. Pay close attention to the lyrics of the songs you listen to. This way you will be able to figure out in what context different words are used. By understanding the context in which a word is used, it is easy to remember it. And no, it is not just English songs that are going to help you, you can also watch English movies, documentaries and news bulletins to improve your vocabulary. Watching these resources over and again will be of even more help to you.
    So, aren’t these some really amazing ways to learn new words? Well yes! So, what makes you wait? Start your GRE preparation in this amazing way. If, however, all this sounds like a hassle, then you can take a good gre preparation course in Bangalore. Such courses help a great deal in ensuring your all-round preparation for this test. Don't worry about the availability of such a course because there is simply no dearth of gre prep classes in Bangalore. All you need is to find out a training centre that best suits your requirements.

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