• Thursday, 8 March 2018

    The Evolution and the Revolution of Art

    Human is naturally drawn to stories and narrations. In everything in this universe, there is a story, a telltale and a description. While some are poignant, quite a few are aggressive, some stories are just so beautiful and a few of them enchant you. And paintings are the emotionally moving way of telling compelling stories that go beyond words.

    One fine morning when you woke from the bed, opened the window, pulled the curtain and got enthralled by the rising sun painting the morning sky with its infantile rays that are tender reminded you of the impressionistic style fluid painting that you have encountered the other day in an art exhibitions in Dubai. Yes, art can be mind-boggling, impressive, elaborative and inspiring. Well, words cannot explain the essence of the art.

    Let’s look at the importance of the art in life, its impact on the mind and society, and how does it shape human consciousness from where every action and motive spurs.

    1.      Art displays the character; if you want to enhance the personality of your home, then place a painting in your living room and let it spread the message about your style, taste, and ideology. Of course, art is capable of shaping the mind and perception.

    2.      Art is not about aesthetic, well, up to some extent it might look and sound like a business of some introvert who found themselves caught between the intellectual conflict of realism and imagination. But if you look at the art objectively, then you will discover that it is pretty subjective that means it can portray moods.

    3.      For interior designers, art must be a subject of interest because they have to create ambiances that are going to define the quality of life and mind as a whole. Undoubtedly, you are not different from your mind. And a piece of art can project your mind’s character fluently.

    4.      Brand plays an important role in people’s lives; and the greatest of the brands are known for their artwork. From the absolute vodka brand to Mercedes-Benz’s logo, every brand conceals art in their brand message. Therefore, a piece of art in your office premises will improve your company’s brand image.

    5.      Art not only pleases the eye but also it educates, entertains and informs. A single piece of painting can tell one story in three different ways and the interpretation depends on the viewer’s cultural background, understanding and knowledge.

    Let’s look at the evolution of the art, especially the painting and how it has evolved over the time. The art might have evolved with the time but the cause of the evolution process was the revolution and continues to be so and will persist in future because art is all about breaking away from the norms and finding a new voice and tone to portray the deficiencies of life, society, and mind.

    1.      In the 1820s, a wave of artists found the art form known as romanticism where they portrayed and painted people in their natural environment. Of course, it was not anything like realism, in fact, in a way it showcased romance in its purest form.

    2.      In the 1870s, a new genre of art came into existence and that was impressionism. This was the groundbreaking revolution where the artists captured the nature as it is and brought it onto the canvas. Should you look out for canvas painting Dubai, you must understand the capacity of canvas capturing the ideas and bringing them into existence.

    3.      Then it expressionists who followed the footsteps of impressionism but more or less they were reactionary to the impressionistic idea.

    4.      Then there was surrealism where the painters followed the dreams and painted them on the canvas. Perhaps, the idea of the movie also came from the dreams.

    5.      After the surrealism, there was once again a reactionary group who brought nightmares onto the canvas and art form was known as symbolism.

    6.      In the 1900s, our very own Leonardo Da Vinci brought cubism followed by Dadaism, pop art, realism, and modern art eventually brings us back to present where we practice art therapy, gesticulation art and list goes on.

    Art is the essence of human mind; each culture has its own typical way of expression and so does the artist. If you are looking for art prints Dubai to decorate your home and office, then make sure that you find the artist who has a distinct style and understands the cultural nuances, the way of life and the minds of people. Because art displays certain ideology and time, it is imperative to choose intelligently.

    Undoubtedly, paintings are the best ways of expressing emotions and motives, and the choice should be based on insightful analysis of style and genre. A home or an office decorated with art can be welcoming. So, get a little creative, exercise your cognitive faculty and decorate your home with beautiful art.

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