• Thursday 1 March 2018

    Pani Puri: Pride of Mumbai

    Maharashtra is the hub of many delectable dishes. One of the biggest novelties that the state has to offer is its wide variety of spice filled delicacies. Vada pav, pav bhaji, sev puri are some of the many items Maharashtra is famed for. Pani puri, however, is the most famous of them all. Inarguably, it is the most well-known preparation of Maharashtra. This is for multiple reasons.
    Famous Street Food

    Pani puri is Maharashtra’s answer to Delhi’s gol gappa and West Bengal’s phuchka. Maharashtra’s most famous street food, pani puri is the best among the three alternatives offered from these three metropolitan cities. One can get the very best of the state right from the streets. It is for this reason that pani puri recipe in marathi is a lot sought after.

    Best of Bombay

    The pani puri is extremely loved in Bombay in particular. Within every five minutes, one is bound to see a stall of pani puri set up. Pani puri and Bombay are almost synonymous. It is one of the first (if not the very first) items that comes to mind when one thinks of the city. This is both due to its well-deserved popularity and the fact that it is the most lip smacking street food to come out of Bombay.

    Everyone’s Favourite

    Pani puri is the most loved of all street items. This is due to its tangy vibe that satisfies the taste buds. The flavoured water has the right amount of sauces and spices, which makes for an irresistible snack. Moreover, it combines the original dish with a Marathi zing of spices, which makes pani puri even more appealing.

    Variety of Pani Puri

    One of the best things about pani puri is that offers variety. This is a unique factor that you will not find amongst its contemporaries. Pani puri is of two types: teekhi puri and meethi puri. The former has spicy flavoured water and is capable of setting one’s tongue on fire. On the other hand, the latter has more sweet and sour effect on the taste buds. People can choose their pani puri as per their preference.

    Available Online

    Many people labour under the opinion that pani puri is something that they necessarily have to go out of their homes to have. This is a misconception that should be cleared at the very onset. It is extremely easy to prepare a personal serving of pani puri once one knows the method of preparation and the ingredients needed. Both of these things can be easily obtained through the medium of the internet. In particular, pani puri recipe in marathi can be easily found.

    Thanks to these internet recipes, everyone can prepare their favourite items within the confines of their residence without any obstacle. Street food like pani puri can now be brought into homes with the help of such recipes. All one has to do is search for the recipe online and they will immediately get the recipe of their choice, in the language of their choice.

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