• Tuesday 13 February 2018

    Essence of contraction timer and when do you need to head for labor

    Are you having the gut feeling that you are heading towards labor? If this is the case then a contraction timer online would be of immense help. Normally a stopwatch or a clock could keep a track of the length or frequency of the contractions, but it cannot be accurate. In this regard a reliable tool is the need of the hour for would be mothers to time their pregnancy. There are various baby contraction timer who are going to do the work automatically for you. This could be downloaded free from the internet and you can share it with your near and dear ones.

    Using the contractions

    The moment you feel a sensation of tightness and you can feel this by keeping your hand on the belly or from the inside press the start button. This indicates the presence of a single contraction. Once the uterus is relaxed you can go on to press the stop button. This entire process has to be repeated as the contractions keep on occurring and this is to find out the intervals of the same. Normally 5 to 7 contractions are needed in order to arrive at the frequency or the length of the contractions. This is to ascertain how they last and in what time frame they do emerge.

    Distinguish the true ones from the false ones?

    This is a difficult task and a lot of would be mothers confuse with the same. The true ones start from the back making their way towards the abdomen. The false one starts from the belly and it becomes hard in a particular region. You will easily find out that they are not that painful. Ideally 3 to 4 contractions are going to emerge at a single go and then fade off. Over the course of time, the contractions do become painful and increase in frequency.
    The false contractions are termed as Braxton Hicks which is a dress rehearsal for the body on what lies ahead. They are not that painful and they are considered to be irregular in nature. The false ones emerge in the 5th to 7th month of pregnancy and this could head well into labor.

    How does it feel while leading to labor?

    The true contractions in a lot of ways are period pains. This could range from mild to severe in stature and it does differ from an individual to another. A cramps or backache is likely to follow or it could be both of them as well. When it is a false one it starts in the groin or the front area. It can start off from the back, but trust me it is never going to come in the front.
    If the contraction reduces in frequency between 3 to 5 minutes and the pain does not fade even after lying on the left side, then it is for sure that you are heading towards labor. Just provide the hospital with the necessary details.

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