• Tuesday 30 January 2018

    Untold risks associated with shared spaces for emerging entrepreneurs

    With the condition of real-estate right now, getting a good office space is a big challenge today. And while newer start-ups keep arising every day, office locations are being forced to shift to less conventional areas because of the rapid demand for office spaces in the main city and that brings with it its own set of problems. Immediate issues being congestion and sharing working spaces which has led to some bittersweet experiences with many CEO’s.

    So let’s discuss a few hidden hidden issues that don’t make themselves apparent all that quickly and which might cause issues in the long run: 
    1. Logistics: It is one of the single most common issue while picking up a work space. We all know how congested city centres are and this is particularly true in Metro cities, where co-working office space Mumbai is not only expensive to own and operate, but because they operate in realms of space constraints, sometimes getting operating items inside the offices can prove to be a big challenge or in some extreme cases, even maul labour has to be employed to get things shipped inside the premises.
    2. Commute: Now commuting through the main areas of the city isn’t much of a hassle to be honest, but what is difficult is navigating through the endless maze of lanes and smaller roads that lead to your office, if by chance it happens to be located deep inside the city. Sure there is always google maps at your rescue but a majority of the people still hasn’t got the hang of it and navigating in India is always almost a case of asking directions from the nearest chai-shop. 
    3. Traffic: This is a universal issue. Apart from the possible exclusion of the Japanese that maintain strict code of conduct to keep things going as smoothly as possible, we generally don’t practice that kind of lane d├ęcor on our roads and as a result we get a lot of traffic jams. Now this wouldn’t be on the list if it were to occur once in a blue moon but if your location is constantly being rammed down with the noise of horns and employees arriving late, you know that your place is inconvenient.
    4. Unnecessary expenses: It too is one of the bigger issue that is associated with hunting for an office space. For instance, most offices would like to have a nice big resource hall that they can use to gather their employees in case of meetings. But since offices with conference venues in Mumbai are hard to come by, you would be unnecessarily spending on hiring recreational or conference venues. Not just that, the costs also add up to logistics that require you to go the extra mile for getting something delivered to your doorstep.
    5. Higher running bills: Some areas are more expensive to operate than others. While you would find decent areas that have all the amenities that you need to operate smoothly, chances are that they are already occupied by somebody. While other areas would charge you more in rent and electricity bills, just because they happened to be running on a more expensive commercial grid. This adds up to a substantial amount over time and is something that you should definitely keep in mind while looking for a good office space.

    So there you have it, a few key aspects to keep in mind while searching for an office. Of course there are more issues that might present itself in even the most convenient areas but it is something that can’t be avoided altogether. 

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