• Thursday, 9 November 2017


    Hello folks. If you are dressed properly from top to bottom but your hairs are not maintained properly then certainly you won’t look good! Because the way you do your hair, makes a difference. Imagine: It is a business meeting and you go to attend the meeting with spikes. Does that work? No! So, your hairstyling matters the most when it comes to certain occasions. Let us look on some tips to do your hairs properly and appropriately. Usually, people style their hairs on weddings or any such occasions or for the business meetings.

    Getting ready for weddings is much easier for men compared to women. It takes less time. But, I think that the maximum time a man should invest while dressing for a wedding is in doing his hair.

    First and foremost, before a wedding, visit the barber and ask him/her to set your hairs properly. The ideal time to go to the barber is before 3-4 days of the wedding. Once that is done, there is no need to do much with your hairs.

    Starting with the shortest hairstyle, the buzz style can be the best. If you don’t want some extra styling then this is for you. Short hair, no need to comb, appropriate length and no need to worry about the hair-fall. Short hairs are always easy to style. Apply a little bit of wax or gel, turn and twist them as you want; you’re all set. Work your fingers to apply some textures. Many male celebrities chose to go with a messy look because of their short hairs.

    If you have curls, always wear that curly hair proudly. This short curly cut has just enough length to reveal curls without getting into fro territory. Work a curl cream through your hair to define curl.

    A classic cut with the modern hair and matte look is the new trend. It looks cool today and years after, it will look cool. For men, other than clothes, hair is the way to make them look distinguished. For a formal look, your haircut has to be clean and clear-cut.

    Dress and do your hair for success. People will be scrutinizing your hairstyle and dressing as well. With a perfect haircut, you gain some level of sophistication and confidence. The hack here is: Don’t keep it too long and too short. Apply some wax/gel/cream/spray/oil but in a proper way. Your hair shouldn’t be too shiny or too rough. Not too spiked and not too flat.

    There are millions of hairstyles for a wedding, for a meeting and for anything. But you need to take a smart move. Along with your dressing, your hairs matter too. Because the first thing that people might notice on your appearance is either your footwear or your hairstyle.

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