• Tuesday, 3 October 2017

    Body building and how people look at it

    What is body building? Body building is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one’s musculature. An individual who does this is called a body builder. Body building started as a sport wherein, body builders would lineup and perform specific poses in front of a panel of judges, who would rank them on certain criteria like muscularity, symmetry etc. They undergo intentional tanning to show the muscle clearly, dehydration and elimination of body’s nonessential fat etc. This has taken another level today as everyone wants to build their body to attract the opposite sex. Be it, men or women, everybody wants to look strong and different. Men especially end up in gym working out for hours. But this natural body building is not only exercise. It comprises of body and soul. The food that we eat also matters.

    Cutting down on diary and fatty foods, processed foods, carbonated drinks etc., can help a great deal in reducing fat formation in the body. Lifting weights and running helps in increasing muscle mass. Despite all these natural options of gaining muscle and build body, people even today opt for shortcut and faster methods to gain muscle mass. They are given a misconception that steroids help in muscle mass. Though the latter is true that steroids help a great deal in improving lean muscle and reduce fat but steroids also have a lot of side effects. People who consume drugs should be made aware of this. It is good to know that people want to look good and strong, but it is important that they follow this regime naturally and in a healthier way. Opting steroids and pills to gain weight is a dangerous way as it can even lead to image being spoiled and relationship problems.

    Psychological and physical Steroidal effects
    Steroids are drugs that contain the component present in natural male hormone, testosterone. This hormone is produced more in men than women. The steroids are a synthetic version of the natural hormone. They steroids are dangerous for the body as they can have both psychological and general physical side effects. Psychologically it can cause mood swings, paranoid feelings, obsession with body image, having to work out and food, angry and violent outbursts called “roid rage”, impatience, depression etc. As far as physical damage is concerned, a person taking steroids can suffer from liver and kidney damage initially followed by depressed immune system, nosebleeds, decreased joints functionality, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, headache and stomach ache etc. Some steroids like Winstrol which is the brand name for stanozolol, can even cause erectile dysfunction in males thus causing deficient performance in bed which in turn causes relationship problems.

    Winstrol is the brand name of Stanozolol in India used mainly for developing lean muscle mass. It is always better to adhere to natural methods of losing weight and gaining body muscles. Eating meat and high protein diet will help in gaining muscle and lifting weights helps in shaping them. Steroids can yield satisfactory results but will result in side effects that the person consuming them might not know.

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