• Thursday, 28 September 2017

    How Outbound Call Centres Can Gain Better Customer Insight?

    Considering the way online shopping has gained popularity in the business world, outbound call centres have undeniably been struggling to survive.  Although online shopping has some inherent attributes that have played pivotal roles in making it a hit among millennials, but you should not forget that there must be some pitfalls in all the other shopping methods that have actually forced customers to move towards online shopping.  Various surveys have revealed how impolite sales representatives have actually ruined the shopping experience of many purchasers.  Similarly, you would find various reasons behind the downfall of teleshopping.  You never know whether online shopping would again encounter any unwanted fate, but as of now, it has actually created a stir in the global marketplace.  The major reason surrounding such an astounding success is that online shopping is basically governed by the idea of accurate customer insight.  That’s why all other marketing campaigns and strategies should be aligned as per customer expectations.

    If you would start digging deep into the core reason behind the downfall of offline shopping methods, then you would find out that customers have stopped purchasing anything through telephone primarily because they are unsure about the crucial features that might not have been discussed during a telephonic conversation.  Although it is so true that most reliable outbound calling marketing campaigns are governed by a set of regulatory guidelines, but unfortunately only a few of the marketing firms are actually taking care of those guidelines and ensuring utmost adherence.  Various firms have said that employing a quality analyst is the maximum they can do in order to keep a tab on fake promises by agents.  These firms say that their budgets do not allow them to have proper monitoring framework, whereas other firms believe that the reason behind depleted performance is lack of understanding as it relates to customer expectations.  It is quite agreeable that without understanding your customer expectations, you cannot actually draft an excellent outbound telemarketing campaign.  Although there are various pragmatic ways to gain better customer insight, but this article would discuss three reliable methods.

    Communicate with customers on a regular basis:  The business world in today’s era is all about communication, and nothing in the near future is going to change this guiding principle.  Not only does regular communication through outbound calling allow you to know about socio-economic stature of your target customers, but also lets you know more about whether they would embrace any change in your marketing policy wholeheartedly.  Thus, regular communications will help marketers know more about their target customers, that too without investing too much.

    Monitor the customers’ conversations on social media:  Customers like talking about brands and sharing suggestions on social media platforms, and there suggestions have often worked wonders for businesses.  You should follow these types of customers quite regularly, apart from asking them to share their reviews on your offerings.  However, in order to seek their suggestions and reviews, you have to come up with innovative ideas, such as an online quiz competition or things of similar nature.   Once you would start monitoring social media, it will help you gain customer insight in the most meticulous manner.

    Conduct consumer surveys across varied realms:  Although the significance of conducting surveys based on outbound calling has been discussed a lot in the business world, but this needs special mention because a survey across varied time zones and geographical realms will give you much exhaustive understanding into not only customer expectations, but also the factors that potentially govern those expectations.  However, you need to ensure that your surveys are quite short and straightforward so as to garner massive response from your target audience.  This will basically give you raw data that can be further structured so as to fetch crucial inferences out of those.

    Conclusion: These are basically three reliable ways in which outbound call centre can gain better customer insight.

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