• Friday 25 August 2017

    Treat Back Pain with Surgery Diverse Types Possible

    Chronic back pain and leg pain might occur from problems with the spine. A pinched nerve is the condition where the nerve coming from the spine is impinged by the bone or disc material of the spine.

    Surgical processes for treatment
    The surgical procedure to relieve this pressure is known as decompression. In this, the surgeon removes a portion of the bone over the nerve root and disc material from under the nerve root. This gives the nerve more space. You have three kinds of spinal decompression procedures. They can all be done by minimally invasive techniques.
    • Laminectomy
    • Laminotomy
    • Disectomy

    You may consult the top spine surgeon in India by going to the website of the top hospitals in India. You can check the timing when they are available and make an appointment. They will assist you in making the right decision about your surgery.

    Laminectomy deals with the complete removal of the lamina. Laminotomy deals with shaving off a piece of the lamina to make room for the nerve (as explained above) and Discectomy deals with the removal of the disc that is compressing the nerve. These surgeries can be done separately or as a combined procedure taken two or three at a time.

    In most cases, Laminotomy and Laminectomy are done to give the patient relief from the symptoms of spinal stenosis. These include numbness or weakness that radiates down the leg or arm and pain. Usually, the doctor will try to find a remedy through non-surgical procedures. When that fails, he will consult the patient regarding the surgical intervention.

    Other processes for treating the pain
    You can consult the best doctor for spine in India if you suffer from back pain or have leg pain. The other procedures used for treating these conditions include the following. One is Foraminotomy that is a typical surgery involving removal of the tissues involved it the compression of the nerves in the back. Here too, the surgeon will remove the parts of the bone that is obstructing the nerve in the spinal column. Sometimes the stability of the spine is affected and so a procedure known as spinal fusion is done.

    One of the rarer procedures is the spinal disc replacement surgery. Regarded as one of the newer surgical treatments, it proves very effective for treating back pain. When the spinal disc is damaged, an artificial disc is used as a replacement. This takes the place among the vertebrae. This procedure helps to keep the spine mobile and helps in reducing the pain. This surgery does not need spinal fusion.

    Process of discectomy
    Discectomy is the process where helps the spine gain more stability through surgery. He joins two vertebrae together as a treatment for the herniated disc of the spine. The disc separates the adjacent vertebrae of the spine. When herniation occurs in the inward direction, it presses on the nerve causing pain. When the surgeon performs Discectomy, he removes all parts of the disc completely.

    If you feel any pain, fix an appointment with the surgeon. He will ask about the causes for the pain and conduct an examination. After this, he will advise you on the best course of action.

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