• Friday, 11 August 2017

    Checking Potential Candidates for their Aptitude for Managerial Jobs

    When the company needs fresh recruits in the managerial category, they send out the advertisements. Invariably, they get thousand or more applications to the hundred or so job vacancies. The HR department is faced with the enormous task of filtering the candidates and finding the best people who fit the bill.

    Quality of an administrator

    The role of an administrator involves coordinating and deploying tasks. The role of multitasking needs key qualities needed to manage the smooth turnover of the daily activities and works. For filtering the candidates, the company will ask for aptitude test for administrative executives from software designers. These designers will prepare the questions that bring out the quality of the administrator. 

    The first in the group of tests is Abstract Reasoning. This question bank will cover aspects such as planning, coordination, and team work. The person must be able to make and carryout scheduled plans. He or she will be asked to make the needed plans for an imaginary project and the answers will be compared with that of the others.

    The second thing they will check is the level of expertise in the English language. This will cover grammar and spelling so that the person is able to write and communicate in faultless English. This is one of the needed perquisites for qualifying as a manager. Along with this, they will test the verbal reasoning of the candidate. 

    Need for good social interaction

    The candidate is checked for the way of he or she will interact with the other people during work. He needs to interact in one way with his peers and in another way with his juniors. This keeps the workplace functioning smoothly. So, the candidate needs to show that he understands how this difference works. If two or more candidates score the same marks, they can be asked to take an additional test.

    Another competency that is needed is computer fluency. So, they will be checked in this field too. You can give this aptitude test for administrative online and filter the candidates. Set the pass mark for the test and the software designers who make the tests will check and find out which candidates pass. The other qualities they look for include attention to detail and time management skills. 

    Attention to detail

    They must be able to pick out the vital details at once and use them in the work. This involves patience and dedication to some key principle, mostly that being the company policy. It must be within the time frame allocated to the work. The candidate will have to show his dedication to keeping the schedule and finishing the work in time. The availability of numerous tests that bring the skills of the candidate out helps the selection team decide quickly whether he is needed or not.

    Conducting a screening test before doing the appointment helps potential disasters and wasted time for the company management. The company can add specific tests that show if the candidate is in line with the company policy or not.

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