• Saturday, 22 July 2017

    Dr. Curtis Cripe and Drug Abuse Recovery: A Complete Solution

    Teen Drug Abuse is one of the scariest social evils of the century. In this context, the NIDA or National Institute on Drug Abuse exposes a medical bulletin that, 1 out of every 4 teen and growing adult (16-20) years in US are somewhat addicted to illicit substance. Similarly, in the review report of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association, it is found that 20 million+ people of America have illicit substance addiction disorder which includes high dose prescription drugs to major drugs like Heroine and intensely addicted alcohol drinkers.

    Living in Arizona or nearby States, if you spot your loved teenage child is addicted to drug intake or has already been struggling to get rid of drug abuse, without further delay, make an appointment and meet Dr. Curtis Cripe the renowned Neuroscientist, Neuroengineer and Psychotherapist. His specialization area is behavioral medicine while he offers comprehensive healing solutions for psychological issues, brain oriented disorders, neurodevelopment issues, disorders related to brain injury and addiction recovery.

    The major foundation of Dr, Curtis is Crossroads Institutes which has developed like anything since its inception. As of today, the esteemed mental care research center and institute offers therapy solutions through twelve service points located in different metropolis of 7 states. Therefore, even if you are not from AZ, undergo the company website and indentify the nearest management center to you and visit the great helpful compassionate team developed by the Neuroscientist. This is a complete treatment center where you can find all solutions related to memory loss, development disorder, brain injury based issues, delay in sensory processing and obviously wonderful solutions for drug addiction recovery.

    The valued neural system and brain development professional has also been functioning as the Director of Research and Development team in NTL Group. If you are interested to meet him at NTL, please note the establishment is located in a fantastic suburban area of Phoenix, Arizona.  He is the pioneering neuroscientist who has introduced the great neuro-disorder healing software programs like NeuroCodex and NeuroCoach. Both are designed for the treatment of brain and cognitive repair. While the prior one helps in identification of difficulty areas of brain’s internal system more accurately, the later offers matching rehab solutions to psychotherapists. The solutions are truly great outcome of his untiring efforts and researches based on traditional concepts of state-of-the-art mechanisms and ideologies.

    Led by Curtis Cripe the Crossroads Institute provides therapy solutions to thousands of parents and families passing their woeful days with kids having ADHD, ADD, ASD and Drug Abuse. The academic and professional expertise area of Dr Curtis includes multidisciplinary areas comprising of neuroscience, engineering, psychology, psychotherapy, software development and aerospace engineering. He has worked for Jet Propulsion Labs a part of NASA and was actively involved in the revolutionary space exploration endeavor of landing on Mars.

    He was also associated with the Defense department US and took part in different software development project. He is supported by PhD and Master Degree with specialization in behavioral medicine and health psychology from NorthCentral University. He also holds his Master’s with major in aerospace engineering from California State Polytechnic University.

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