• Thursday 22 June 2017

    How to Get a Payment Gateway in Dubai That Has the Best Success Rate

    All payment gateways can look the same at first glance. A deeper probe helps to know which is the most appropriate, most efficient and offers the best success rates.

    Documentation, analysis and reports

    The analysis and reporting inputs offered by a payment gateway provider are very important. Aside from a paid gateway integrated into your e-commerce portal, you also need real-time figures and allied statistical reports so you can get a complete view of your online business performance in a complete and complete way. Not only can you analyze your performance with reports, but you can also maximize the potential of your business so you can achieve better returns.

    Features such as "multiple access" help the merchant to assign a certain role to his or her employee in a specific department. For example, once an e-commerce website receives an order for the product, the inventory team must first check the stock availability. Once this equipment confirms that the finance team must "capture the transaction or the refund" depending on the availability of stocks. The order is processed by the packaging department and dispatched by the logistics team. Multiple user access will help eradicate unnecessary delays.

    Increased CRM capacity, including ERP, lead generation

    Companies like EBS offer a range of APIs that help you perform a series of tasks and activities related to the payment gateway. You do not need to sign in directly to the merchant panel. Apart from activities and tasks such as repayment, checking and transaction status capture, the system can also provide payment methods to help the trader to better understand his client.

    Web fulfillment

    PCI Compliance: DSS ensures your payment gateway provider has the most efficient and secure payment gateway platform. Any transaction that takes place in the channels of the secure payment gateway is encrypted with SSL security. Not only transactions are secure, but any financial data entry of customers on payment gateways also remains secure, as it suffers multiple ciphers, for security reasons.

    Risk Management Solutions

    Better and safer payment gateway providers like EBS have a multi-pronged approach to security and risk management. They offer risk management solutions that use multiple templates, including IP Geolocation, Real-Time Behavioral Mapping, Device Fingerprinting, Cross-Parameter Checks, and other unique features that help a company prevent a series of cyber crimes.

    Better practices

    All payment gateways have a similar appearance, and it is difficult to know the subtle differences at first glance. An e-commerce business should look for more in the critical functional areas and best practices that a payment gateway follows.

    These include comfort, value, security and support.


    A pay gateway in Dubai should have features that add to the convenience of merchants and customers. Traders would appreciate the gateway if you directly pass all daily settlements to the bank account of the business. Customers would want a payment gateway to store payment information so that upcoming or "repeat" checkouts can be done in less time. Apart from these, the payment gateway must also provide the subscription payments at no additional or ally cost. The payment gateway, as offered by EBS, also works well with a range of third-party e-commerce carts.


    Traders as a transparent payment gateway in Dubai: All disputes also need to be handled efficiently and in a time-saving way through a dedicated dispute resolution center so there is no charge charge.


    A payment gateway must comply with PCI: DSS standards and must have SSL and other security encryption. They must also provide KYC requirements / entries through forms, according to the needs of the companies.

    Support for:

    Payment gateway should provide technical assistance as well as business whenever it is sought; It should also respond to queries within the agreed TAC. EBS has complete customer support for technical and commercial queries.

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