• Tuesday 14 March 2017

    5 Reasons why living in a Villa is the Ultimate Dream

    A serene independent home secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city would be a dream of many. Despite working in a cosmopolitan culture and leading a super fast life, people are very private when it comes to owning a house that suits their personality and also matches their requirements. Though apartments are the urban solution for living in limited area people are attracted towards villa plots in North Bangalore side where the space is available as it is a bit away from the city. Residential plots in Devanahalli are being sold at a rapid rate mainly because it is a bit secluded from the city yet the major areas are accessible.

    Home buyers when thinking to invest in real estate have a bit of inhibition to invest in villas thinking that they are expensive. However, proper planning has been done then investing in a villa is the best idea as it gives an opportunity to live in an independent setup as well as provides all the advantages of living in a gated community.

    Villas provide ultimate privacy where one does not have to worry about preying eyes or noisy neighbours. Living in a closed space is a boring feeling and this is one of the major advantages villas have over apartments. A small patio in the villa can serve as the best private space which is apt for a morning coffee or as a conversation corner for the family. Though the garden area is just of the size of a stamp, if wisely used it can be converted to a beautiful garden where one can do his/her morning yoga with fresh mind and oxygen to inhale.

    Designing according to the wish of the owner is easier in a villa when compared to apartments where space is a major constraint. Villas normally provide a patio space and then it is the owner’s discretion to decorate it in a way that matches his/her style and taste. Book lovers can set up a library, techies can make a gaming corner and fitness freaks can also have a small exercise area. The available can be used accordingly in a villa which is not possible in an apartment.

    Villas are also the best option for pet lovers as keeping pets in an apartment comes with a lot of responsibility and legal implications. There would not be any need to limit the pet’s freedom on the society rules or space.

    If one is looking for a luxury home and not worried about buying a home that makes the finances a bit tight, then buying a villa is the ultimate solution. Luxury residential plots near international airport Bangalore provide the best experience. Pools, party areas, etc. Customisation can be done according to the buyer’s wish. On the other hand, an apartment no matter how luxurious does not give a feeling of living independently and propagates a feeling of limited space.

    Without any further thought villas are also a best mode of investment as they provide a thought of independent house to any buyer and can fetch more when compared to an apartment. Also the numbers of villa projects when compared to apartments are less and therefore the price of independent houses will consistently increase. This will in turn fetch huge returns as well. Considering the security that these gated communities provide along with a feeling of an independent house, non resident Indians who do not have a home of their own back in India will be hugely interested in owning these.

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