• Wednesday, 11 January 2017

    How to clean melted & burnt-on plastic off an oven?

    If you’ve burnt-on or melted plastic in an oven, things may get awry if not cleaned immediately. Your oven may release a putrid smell that spreads all over the house, ruin the food and most importantly, degrade your oven’s functionality over time.

    Commercial cleaners here won’t help you much so you’ve to manage with the usual household items. You may need removing areas of the oven where plastic has been melted before cleaning and reuse. Check out a few handy steps below and proceed cautiously with oven cleaning!

    For gas & electric ovens

    1. Turn off the gas supply and allow the racks to cool before removing them. Take small plastic bags, fill them with ice and place them over the melted plastic. Wait for a few minutes or till the ice melts and lift the plastic off with a sharp object but be careful not to graze the oven.
    2. If oven panels are removable, place them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight that’ll brittle the plastic thus making it easier for you to clean later.
    3. To scrape the melted plastic, use a scraper with a sharp razor blade but only on an electric oven as it won’t ruin the porcelain finish.
    4. Once you remove the plastic residue off the contraption, thoroughly clean the oven with industrial-grade oven cleaner. Carefully follow the directions on the product for better results and wear rubber gloves throughout the process, protecting your hands from exposure.

    For self-cleaning ovens
    1. Follow the usual steps like removing oven racks, place ice bags on the plastic and make it brittle for easy clean. To crack the frozen residue, tap with a spoon and pry off with fingers.
    2. As you clean, allow proper ventilation by opening all the windows and doorways. Turn the oven to the lowest setting and heat the plastic residue till it softens. Extract with a spoon or knife.
    3. Don’t use screw driver or any other tool or you may end up damaging the oven.
    4. Prepare a solution of warm water and liquid dishwashing soap to wash the oven racks. Allow them to air dry and place them back.
    5. Proceed running the self-cleaning cycle once the plastic residue is being cleaned. It’s better to follow the cleaning steps as on instruction manual for better and safer results.

    For different ovens
    1. Start by turning off the gas supply. Remove the racks and again, place ice bags or cubes directly if you’re missing the bags.
    2. Take a butter knife to pry off the plastic deposit. Thoroughly wash the oven racks with warm, soapy solution but if the plastic won’t let go, spray a solution of white vinegar and baking soda, leave for a few minutes before rinsing again.
    3. Remove bottom panel by pulling out the back screws and follow the same oven cleaning steps.


    Cleaning burnt and melted plastic is no more an ordeal.

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