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    5 Most Unique Beaches of Mediterranean

    Mediterranean area of Europe has always been popular destination for tourists all over the world. With pleasant climate almost throughout the whole year, exquisite cuisine, rich history and natural wonders, its popularity shouldn't surprise anyone. The pristine beaches of Mediterranean are particularly a huge attraction, so we'll introduce you to some of the most unique resorts worth visiting and exploring.

    Navagio Beach – Greece

    Surrounded by Aegean Sea from the east, Mediterranean Sea from the south and Ionian Sea from the west, Greece has a lengthy coast line and is widely known for its attractive beaches. Navagio Beach is one of the most popular and most unique. This can be addressed to the old shipwreck that lies on its shore. For that very reason Navagio is known as the Shipwreck Beach as well. It is located in the north-west of the Zante Island. It's natural characteristics are limestone cliffs, the clearest waters imaginable and white soft sand. Accessible only by boat, Navagio provides plenty of activities like scuba-diving, cliff-diving, snorkeling and swimming.

    Cala Luna – Italy

    The Cala Luna, located on Sardinia in Italy, is just breathtakingly beautiful. The limestone cliffs and gorgeous surrounding greenery are giving this beach unique look and create almost divine atmosphere. Its turquoise calm waters are welcoming to the swimmers from all around the world. Snorkeling enthusiasts are frequent visitors of Cala Luna as well, since its underwater flora and fauna are simply breathtaking. The Bue Marinos Caves with its impressive stalactites and stalagmites are just 3 kilometers away. So be sure not to miss them when visiting Cala Luna Beach.

    Elafonissi Beach – Greece

    The first thing that comes to mind when the topic of Greece comes up is the picturesque sparkling water of the Mediterranean Sea with houses sandwiched together in a curiously charming way. The Elafonissi Beach, located at the far west coast of Crete, doesn’t fail to live up to this exquisite image. The white sand and turquoise waters, along with rare species of animals (like the loggerhead sea turtle) entice visitors from all around the globe. One of its most talked trademarks is its sand which has pinkish hue at times. Elafonissi is protected under the EU environmental law, so you might want to think twice before littering fire, damaging any plants or chasing and hurting animals.

    Blue Lagoon – Malta

    Blue Lagoon beach is often considered one of the best beaches of Malta. This sandy beach is situated on the west coast of the island of Comino. The bay is enveloped by azure waters, rocks and sand and presents a great snorkeling, swimming and relaxing spot. Its clear and warm waters, with plethora of chances for water sports are invitation enough for visitors all over the world. Since island of Comino has really low population, nightlife here is non-existent. But still, natural wonders are the main attraction here. In fact, nature of Blue Lagoon was inspiration to the directors of films Swept Away and The Count of Monte Cristo to choose Comino Island for its filming location.

    Zlatni Rat – Croatia

    This Croatian beach is quite of a natural miracle. Its always slightly changing shape, thanks to waves and wind influence, has been the object of much fascination among visitors. Beach Zlatni Rat has slowly but surely become one of the trademarks of Croatia, and by now you can see it on almost any tourist brochure promoting this country. With about 500 meters in length, this beach is located just 4 kilometers from the Bol town on Brac Island. It can be reached from the mainland by water taxi and charter boat services. Waters here are calm and pleasant for swimming. And the beautiful color of the Adriatic Sea are increasing already great ambiance of Zlatni Rat. Beach is surrounded by lush nature, so be sure to take a walk through its pine-wood forest and enjoy this wonderful place in the fullest.

    Of course, there's a lot more to see and experience in Mediterranean, but these beaches will most definitely sparkle the sense of wonder in every adventurous traveler. Have fun!

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