• Wednesday, 19 October 2016

    Delight your partner by sending her Allanna - a creative floral arrangement

    The universal appeal of flowers makes them one of the most authentic gifts to express a myriad of human emotions.  Such is the power of the natural blooms that they can enfold the giver and the recipient in waves of human bond. Flowers are for all seasons and reasons. So, be it rumbles in relationships, a significant date, painful or parting moments, communicating your feelings through flowers is your best bet. 

    Floral arrangements: A present for all occasions

    A bouquet of variegated flowers is suitable for almost all occasions. Some of the most popular floral gifts are bouquets, nosegays or tussie-mussies (talking bouquets), garlands, wreaths, pot pourri, potted bonsais or herbs, lush gift baskets, posies, corsages, exotic floral arrangements and so on.

    Again, there are various flowers that can be paired with different items like chocolates, balloons, treat baskets, sweets or candies for creating that added appeal. You can choose roses of different shades, the heart shaped anthuriums, the cheerful gerberas, or many exotic varieties. The best part about these flowers is that they can be arranged in attractive baskets, vases and luxury boxes.

    The variation is endless when it comes to floral gifts. However, as are the varieties, so are their meanings. It is, therefore, important to choose the most appropriate bouquet. To cite a simple example: A floral arrangement of red roses would be an appropriate gift for your sweetheart on the Valentine's Day. However, the same type of floral arrangement may not be a sound proposition to give to your boss on the Boss' Day.

    Styles of floral arrangements

    Some arrangements when it comes to flowers are rather whimsical, for instance, using the flowers to create the look of another object like a cocktail or a jewellery box. Such types of floral gifts are easily available online and can be delivered to the doorstep of that special person any moment of the day.

    Another type of floral arrangement that you can give to your loved ones are the designer flower bouquets. In designer bouquets, it is the type of flowers and the way they are used that make the arrangement so unique. The floral designers create designs using an assorted variety of flowers for elegant floral arrangements. These arrangements are usually appropriate to send for all occasions, but may end up costing you a bit more money than traditional floral arrangements.

    Surprise your near and dear ones with Allana

    Creativity is the hallmark of any floral arrangement and there is no dearth of presentation when it comes to flowers. If you want to send a floral arrangement to someone who expects it the least and make her day by reminding her that you are thinking of them, Allana may prove to be your perfect pick. A creative floral arrangement of stunning anthurium flowers and radiant roses, this special bouquet is certain to brighten up any recipient's day.

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